Bandit Burger is a Calgary-Based
Food Truck Created by a Guy Who Likes Burgers.

All preparation is done on-site using awesome ingredients

We feel the key to a good burger is simplicity and quality of ingredients. We focus on using the best Pretzel Buns available as their texture holds-up perfectly to our juicy meat. Our beef is ground using fresh Brisket and Chuck, while our Bacon Bandit is ground with Pork Shoulder (Butt) and Slab Bacon. Careful consideration is taken to achieve the best 80/20 blend of meat to fat for supreme flavour and juiciness.

We strive to create the best burger using the simplest ingredients in the tastiest ways.

We hope to share our love of burgers with everyone in Calgary!



Check out the Calgary Street Food App or the map found on our for daily location updates!


Monday to Friday – 11AM – 2PM
Saturday – Accepting Bookings
Sunday – Accepting Bookings


From Corporate Lunches, Weddings & Festivals, to Concessions
at Your Next Community Event, Invite Bandit Burger to Your Next Gathering!


We will attend the event for a designated time, with a pre-determined menu and quantity of food to meet the needs of all your guests. A quote and contract will be provided.

Corporate Catering Packages

Need Corporate Catering for meetings or conferences? Surprise your staff and guests with a fun and tasty Burger Bonanza!


Hosting a Tournament, Block Party, or other Community Event, want food, but don't want a contractual commitment? Invite me to swing by and we can do it informally! (length of time we spend at the event will be dictated by sales and quantity of food) We will attend your event, without contract, serving our regular menu, as sales demand or our food runs out!

Wedding Packages

Burgers at a wedding?!! I think so. Please contact us to create a customized Burger menu.

Festivals & Special Events

Hosting a Festival, Concert, Rodeo or other Special Event? Your attendees/guests will love our awesome burgers! Call or email to book.

What's the First Step in Booking?

Send us an email at catering@banditburger.ca or fill out contact form below with the date, time, number of guests, type of event and whether it's for catering or concessions. We'll get back to you immediately to work out the details or provide you with an accurate quote. We can also be reached via Facebook and Twitter.





Bandit Burger is One of the Top Ten Food Trucks in Alberta!

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Bandit Burger is One of Ten Canadian Food Trucks Worth Trying According to Food Network

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Out on the Streets!

The Bandits are out on the streets of Calgary slinging the best burgers and fries that you can find! Click here to see where we are located today and drop on by!